Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hola from the void!

So, I've graduated and moved home. Graduation wasn't exciting. It was very quick. Up onto the platform, across, shake, smile, down. The End. Graduated.

The weather was very nice, though, and the student speaker was actually very good! (And I'm not biased because she's my friend. She happens to be a very inspirational person.) So, nice ceremony.

But that's done.

Fast foward to home.

My room is still somewhat of a mess, but the risk of tripping has gone down by about half since last week. There isn't much to report because mostly I've been doing house things, as opposed to job search things. However, I have been very productive! Let's see just how productive I've been, shall we?

Since moving home I have:

1.) cloroxed the deck
2.) powerwashed the porch and half the driveway (I'll finish the other half tomorrow)
3.) used part of my graduation money/giftcard :)
4.) seen friends (i.e., not been a hermit) and had nice dinners/get togethers on my very clean and shiny deck
5.) done various gardening things that involve sweating
6.) begun planning my next novel

...okay, maybe that's it. But that's things. Many things. Six is many. Just because I haven't sent out my resume to anyone-

But I'm not talking about that. By next week I will made a list of all the places I want to apply, and maybe I will have written a cover letter or two.

I just found out that I scheduled my garden party for Father's Day. RAWR!

Well, that's not really a problem, w/e. It's just that if I can't have it then I have to wait 'til after Mum's procedure +recovery time and then people will be busy with... jobs. Yeah. Maybe I'll be one of those people! And I'll have something exciting to write about!

Right now I'm very inbetween things. I feel like I shouldn't be goofing off and having so much fun, so I'm making myself feel unsettled, which is STUPID. So I'm going to keep busy and make a battle plan and not just read those careerbuilder.com emails and actually DO something about my future!

Like decide what I want to do.

That would help.

I'm so glad I can live at home.



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