Saturday, August 12, 2006

Progress? It's possible!

Okay. So.


Like two weeks ago. I couldn't come in the week they wanted because of family vacation thing. I'm s'posed to call on Monday to schedule. I really hope the job is still there! It's an assistant paralegal job and the commute would be really quite convenient. W00t!

In the meantime, I met with a lawyer my dad kinda knows through work. He was very helpful. He met with me for an hour (I think he was like, this is more fun than doing work. Let's look up law firms on the Internet!) And he gave me a list of around ten firms where he knows people (not in HR, but how awesome is that?). And, he CALLED THEM to let them know I would be submitting my resume. Hopefully he told them I am very spiffy and will be a good little worker bee. He told my dad he was very impressed with my ability to be a human being (he didn't say it like that, but he told me that some people come in for interviews, the interviewer says hello, and the interviewee doesn't know what to say. WOW. I have a chance just because I can talk!). And he revised my resume, gave me some ideas for reorganizing it.

Did I mention editorial positions suck? Only because I haven't been called about one. Being a paralegal sounds more interesting right now, and maybe it will help me decide about LAW SCHOOL OMG.

So, much to do on Monday. Yay!

Oh yeah, part time job at the cafe. Because I am broke. Going in on Monday. Used to work there, so no big whatsoever, maybe learning a new sandwich. I heart sandwiches!


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