Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, last time wasn't a fluke. Indian food IS spicy.

*guzzles water*

We got new computers today with FLAT SCREEN MONITORS! The design is fairly angular with a few curves to soften it, in silver and black, kinda retro. I feel like I'm in Star Trek!!! I was bouncing off the walls. My coworkers were giving me sideways glances like, where is that stress ball going to fly next, and why is she so hyper?

Today is one of those days where I actually have energy. The 9-5 thing bites. I mean, it's not like I live in a country with 60% unemployment and only factory jobs that I have to wait six years for. I do wish I had more time/energy to work on my novel.

SO, I've decided I'm going to exercise every day. I'll feel better and sleep better (not that I have trouble sleeping, but it's nice to feel tired from DOING something, not just from not sleeping enough). So far so good - did half a mile on the treadmill Monday, and 3/4 a mile on Tuesday. I think I'm gonna keep it around that, because it only takes 10-15 minutes and doesn't tire me out. Ideally, it'll make me feel like being more productive instead of reading the paper for an hour. I really don't have time for that. And even though I do it, somehow I MISS all the important news, like Romney dropping out of the race and Fidel handing things over to his bro. I should just check the news at work on lunch, like normal people.

So, the discipline/exercise is a new thing. Also, I discovered I can listen to streaming radio at work. My manager is TOTALLY cool with it, because what do I do? I answer emails. I found an 80s rock station out of Houston and I am going CRAZY with the saxophones and synthesizers.

So even though the commute gets me down, in a lot of ways, this job ROCKS!

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand....

God, I wanna sing along, but it's so damn quiet in this pod. Hopefully the gang over in processing will shake things up again soon. I butt in on their conversations sometimes, because

1) they actually have conversations; and

2) they talk about cool things, like Batman and the Huxtables.

Oh, so I never knew who sang Rio. Turns out I like Duran Duran. Why did I never confirm this before??? *DORK*

We talked about Kosovo/Kosova and Serbia and stay at home dads the other day over here in academic support, though. That was nice. And I talked to Louis about Indian food today. And now I'm all alone in the pod, and dammit, I'm gonna sing along to the next song I know.

I threw a stress ball over the pod wall into processing earlier. This guy was throwing one against the wall and I wanted to play, too! He laughed at me. I think I might have hit him.

*commences chair dancing to ZZ Top*

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