Friday, February 15, 2008


In the real world, after work, people go out to bars. I'm not much of a bar hopper but if my friends are going I may tag along and sip my ice water and sing along to Queen like no one can hear me. And basically, nothing happens. I talk to my friends, they have drinks, then we go mochi hunting or home to play WoW/sleep.

Last Friday night was different. I went to a Japanese restaurant my choir conductor owns with a few choir pals I hadn't seen in months to do karaoke. Thought it would be great to catch up. At first it was, until I saw my friend Mandy crying in the arms of the uber blond DJ, "Super Dave." Turns out Mandy was upset because a couple of our friends were getting too drunk and apparently have a history of driving home... not fully sober. Great. So, I hung around until the bar until it closed to keep an eye on everyone and offer to play DD if necessary.

Many things happened while one of my friends was drinking herself sick and crying on the floor of the bathroom. Sang a little karaoke, got yelled at by the bartender "Ringo" for ordering water, tried to decipher Ringo's attempts to get my number, had to pry Ringo's hands off my hand multiple times, rescued Veronica from a creepy old man hitting on her, ran away when said creepy man started hitting on me and touching my shoulders, tried to have a conversation with choir director's 40 year old friend who doesn't speak English well, tried not to puke when my lonely friend started cuddling with him... Yeah. It was one of those nights.

I don't have those nights... like, ever. I suppose that's why I don't react very well to drunk/weird men. While dancing (by dancing, I mean "dancing" - I kind of bounce and sway...) w/ the girls, Ringo decided to join in. I stopped dancing and stared at him.

Me: What do you think you're doing? Are you dancing with me?
Ringo: Yeah!
Me: No you're not.
Ringo: I'm not?
Me: No, you know why? 'Cause I'm not dancing.

He went away. Later he tried to buy shots for my friends, who politely turned him down. Apparently he does this every week.

In between being hit on, there was Karaoke. Karaoke needs rules. And people to enforce these rules - karaoke police. Like, if you're so drunk you start giving lap dances to the guy my friend brought, and you can't tell that he's actually scared of you, you can't sing with us. Furthermore, you should be tackled and tossed in a taxi, because you're just going to end up hitting on the police who get stuck taking you home.

Really Drunk Girl: Hey, can I sing with you?
Lillie and Me (wusses): Um, sure.
RDG: *grabs my mic*
Super Dave: *hands me another*
RDG: *butchers Kokomo*
L&Me: *slink back to booth*

So, later I approached Super Dave.

Me: Hey, excuse me, what's your name?
Super Dave: I'm Super Dave.
Me: Oh, well, hi, nice to meet you.
SD&Me: *shake hands*
Me: *explains that we don't know RDG and asks if SD can turn her mic off if she jumps in again*
SD: Oh, I didn't know she wasn't your friend! Okay, I'll see what I can do. By the way, next time you come, could you like, not dress so hot?
Me: Um, well *makes up some crap about having a date*
SD: Right, well, the rest of us 15 guys in here are left drooling, so you know...
Me: Hey man, sorry, I didn't realize.

I later learned that Super Dave is married with 2 kids.

And he kissed my friend Anne on the cheek and asked when she was going to stop yelling at him. Anne doesn't yell at people she's not well acquainted with. Anne is a very nice person.

Anne: Probably never.

The best part of the night was when Anne said, "I didn't know what else to say to Super Dave. I thought, if Ariah were here, she'd know what to say! You always know what to say."


The other best part of the night was the gyouza. Mmm!

At the end of the night, Ringo approached me again.

Ringo: You're DD?
Me: Yeah, if they need me.
Ringo: *high fives me, then intertwines his fingers with mine and squeezes hard* I'm sorry I gave you a hard time about ordering water. Next time, you tell me you're DD and you can have all the ice water you want!
Me: Okay, let go, that hurts.

So, everyone found a ride home and I got home a little before 3. Way past my bedtime these days. MacGyver was very confused to be awoken by me coming in at that time. Awwww, puppy.

Friday night this week - puppy school! Because dogs don't drink. And they sit when you tell them to.

In theory.


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