Saturday, August 23, 2008

more on music

My recent reminiscing led me all the way back to 1997 and... that's right... to Hanson.

It's no surprise I loved their music - their musical influences are ones I love (ever listen to some of the basslines on Middle of Nowhere? Funk and blues influenced. Yup.).

And as it turns out, even though I've been... um, whiny/angry quite a bit lately, I STILL love Mmmbop. Damn, that's a good pop song. Minute Without You is, of course, still my favorite old Hanson song. I can't help it... I'm just not super into tenors. Isaac needs more hugs, if only for being the only one who sounded like a man from the start. I also like that he doesn't breathe like he's in pain. Dammit, Taylor, you're not dying! Breathe normally. Weirdo.

Now, thanks to the fantasticness of Youtube, I'm listening to their latest album, The Walk. I'm like, oh, that reminds me of Chicago, and that's like something from the 60s and that's, well, that's just them, and waaaaaaai, I heart this!!! It really is good. And oh, that's Zac singing? Well, he's awesome, too (I'm listening to "Go").

Being my old school self, I am running out to buy this CD ASAP.



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