Friday, August 15, 2008


I hate racism. My silly previous post got me thinking. I mean, I like to make cultural jokes. I'll make these random generalizations, like, "Damn, the Japanese are fucking crazy." And I love Japan and would never look at a person like, "Oh, you're Japanese, so clearly you personally sexualize innocence like your teen mags do and watch tentacle pr0n." Because that would be an illogical assumption.

Also, I say things about my culture that should be made fun of, like how I can't hear someone sing "The stars at night are big and bright!" without responding with *clapclapclapclap* "Deep in the heart of Texas!" I was brainwashed to respond this way. It hurts to resist. I kind of should be laughed at (mildly) for that.

But actual racism, the kind that influences a guy I like to say some bullshit like, "Why do you like me? I'm a greasy spic," makes me very very angry. (I hit him with a throw pillow for that and told him never ever to talk about himself that way. And he took it. That made me more mad. Don't take shit from people, even me! Well, he has low self-esteem. But I think it's partly due to racism and, of course, classism. Meh.)

It's so weird how in New Jersey, people say crap about Mexicans. I mean... so they're newer than say, Italians, who are more established here. It's that stupid "let's be ridiculous about the immigrants!" mindset.

And then people up here talk about how racist Southerners supposedly are. Some of them are. But 1) white supremacists are not centrally located in the South, according to ppl who research these groups - there are a lot in IDAHO, apparently; and, 2) plenty of these north-eastern Yankees are f'ing racist.

It makes me sad.



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