Sunday, July 27, 2008


I dislike being single sometimes, particularly today. Nothing to say about that.

I also dislike when family members are in the hospital. It takes me a bit to unwind from that, even if I'm totally with it and helpful and things while it's going on. I really really hate it, because if I'm not worried about my mom, I feel like, damn, other people here must be so worried, and there are old people, and the end of their lives sucks for them. And then I feel OLD - like an ADULT, who's cynical and all these stupid things I said I wouldn't become when I was smarter/a kid.

Screw that, I'm going back to being hopeful. I'm not gonna shut things off or not think about difficult things, but I am NOT gonna be scared. I have gotten scared lately, like of going to the dentist. I wasn't THAT bad about it as a kid/pre-teen.

Of course, some of that may have to do with that misdiagnosis (I had good reason for not believing that I needed a root canal - because I didn't! Still don't!) And I'm not going to be afraid of getting some kind of new retainer thing (also financial worry there, meh! Do I have to decide between grad school and straight teeth? Not sure at this point).

Anyway, new challenges, new perspectives - and now I need to hit the refresh button and chill the F out.

Rereading Emerald House Rising by Peg Kerr. This might be my 4th time reading it all the way through. I like how she describes magic as the ability to see possibilities and discern which ones should be acted upon. The whole book is like, awesome plot interwoven with a simple but fairly revolutionary way of thinking. It's got substance. Sometimes I stop reading and just think about the ideas presented. I like that kind of book. I want to write a book like that.

Enough blah. Time to pick out tomorrow's clothes and/or (or, most likely) hit Azeroth for some elemental slaying.

Me smash rock!!!

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Glad you liked the book!


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