Wednesday, July 16, 2008


OMG, my job is driving me crazy. Not in a horrible way - I don't have an evil manager or work up to my eyeballs or anything; in fact, my manager is the nicest person ever. And that's probably enough of a reason not to complain.

But two things are getting to me:

1) My work is so boring and repetetive and unchallenging that I can feel my brain atrophying; and

2) Work is very far from home. Total 3 hours spent commuting per day. Lame.

These are problems because:

1) I like having a brain and I would like it to remember how to work; and

2) I miss my puppy. Also, I hate SITTING ON MY ARSE all day. (The puppy requires that I don't do that.)

Also, it's freezing in here. Brrrrr.

I feel very separated from the world at my little compy here. I mean, there are hostage trades going on between Israel and Hezbollah, and villagers taking up arms to protect their children's schools in Afghanistan and what do I do?

I answer emails all day. Here's how to get an extension! Here's why you can't do this! Here's an alternate solution to something that isn't really a big problem at all.

Meh. I hope I get into grad school.



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