Thursday, June 05, 2008

I just got hit on in a really weird way

Stop me if you've heard this one. A girl goes to a sports bar on her lunch break with a group of coworkers. The place is PACKED, and the girl decides to dine elsewhere, as baseball doesn't really interest her. On her way out she sees the greeter guy and his coworker and she could swear the coworker just said something to her. She turns around, and over the too loud music she can hear him say that he's fishing.

"What?" she asks.

He approaches and extends the headset in his hand. "I'm fishing for hot" is all she can make out of his mumbling.


"I'm fishing for hot women!" he says, finally enunciating well enough to be understood over the sports bar clamor. He taps her arm with his headset. "Wanna grab on?"

She must look angry, because he backs away as he waits for a response.

"That's... a new one," she says, too hungry to think of a witty response. She turns and exits.


I wish I could have joked around with the guy, but I don't respond well to jokes/being hit on/almost anything when I'm ravenous. I just kind of stare. And then walk towards food. Eh well, didn't want to encourage him.


I don't want to talk about boys. I want to think up some obstacles for my antlered girl in the story I'm writing for my PORTFOLIO! Because I'm going to GRAD SCHOOL! To study CREATIVE WRITING!

I'ma try to buy my coworker Louis's mom lunch and talk w/ her. She got her masters in CW and is an editor now. Bc I really need this to be practical, somehow. OMG. I wonder if she was a TA. I need to make a list of questions!

Or sip my turkey orzo soup and go back to work, bc lunch is over.

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