Saturday, May 31, 2008


Sex and the City is not deserving of a four letter acronym. SATC reminds me of LOTR, and it hurts my brain to associate something nearly worthless with ...LOTR (how can I describe LOTR in a few words? Okay, for the purposes of this comparison, let's fill in the ... with "something with characters worth emulating").

I saw the movie with a couple girlfriends and I found it pretty funny (I'm too "old" to be shocked/disgusted by it). Of course, I laughed at the wrong parts. Oops. ^__^ Instead of going into how bad the dialogue was or how much I don't want any of the characters' lives, I will post this, which is probably the best criticism of SATC (ewww) ever written:
This article has made my morning.

I want to highlight this paragraph: "It’s the fertility treatment, plus the waiting until the late 30s, that does it: a whole portion of the world is now only coming into existence because of expensive treatments and pills, the desire to create a child after all those years of consumption, the sudden bursting-forth of an equation in the not-yet-maternal breast: child is fulfillment, not-child is emptiness, followed by a passionate desire to solve the equation, to put a baby on the right-hand-side of it and cancel out the emptiness denominator."

Something to ponder, and probably post about later. But for now I think I have the "I am somehow interested in it but I hate Sex and the City" out of my system enough to go get some work done.

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