Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Answer

Question: (See header.)

Answer: Go to grad school. Yay!

I'm actually getting really excited. This blog might be defunct by fall of 2009, if I get my shtuff together.

I sort of have a plan, now that I've decided to study creative writing.

1) Have lunch w/ Lou's mom on the 23rd and ask her how her MA (MFA?) in creative writing helped her land her jobs as an editor, what kind of classes she took, what the editing field is like, how to "break in," was she a TA in grad school, how well did her education prepare her for her career, etc.

2) Track down my alt's guild leader, who just got his MA in CW, and ask him about current programs, how he selected his, what his courses were like, etc.

3) Use this information in researching more grad programs, and decide if the areas in which I'm looking (DC, TX) have the programs that are best for me (there are some REALLY GREAT programs there). I definitely need something where I'll have the opportunity to take a class or two outside of fiction, like non-fiction, editing, linguistics, even a foreign language (which is actually a requirement at George Mason).

4) In the meantime, continue working on my portfolio. Schools seem to want something around 30 pages of 1 or more short stories. Depending on each school's requirements, I plan on sending in one "real world" story and one fantasy story. That way, if they hate fantasy/sci-fi, they can just reject me right off the bat. :) That'll save time.

5) Take my GRE prep course and take the GRE in time for January app deadlines!

6) Don't spend a lot, because these programs only take between 10-15 students, so I will have LOTS of app fees. Crapz0r.

Um, there's more, but lunch is basically over. Gonna work a little while my corn souffle, bison burger patty and Texas ranch beans settle and then go for a walk. And maybe pick up a salad for later. Because yes, I am always hungry.



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