Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Manslations

Q: Why don't some women get hit on all the time?

One of several possibilities, according to the Manslator:

"She’s not attractive, and he’s only interested in looks. Actually, this is not as big a deal as we think it is. A really attractive woman gets hit on more than an unattractive one, sure. But you know what she doesn’t get? More high quality hits. She’s just going to get more of les baggage du douche."

Depending on what year it is/where I work/the amount of solar activity, I might be in the "getting hit on all the freaking time" group or the "totally ignored - well, not ignored, but not approached, like, at all" group. Based on my experience, I completely agree with the above excerpt!

Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting that most of the guys who have hit on me are douches! I mean, they might be. I have no way of knowing. But I can tell you that sometimes it's REALLY obvious that a guy only wants what I ain't about to give him, and that puts him in the "low quality hit" category.

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