Monday, September 15, 2008

I dreamed about Sarah Palin, too!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

I dreamed that I went to Alaska, I think to interview Sarah, and it was cold and snowy, of course, and things were fine and the Alaskans were all nice and then we went to the supermarket. And some local little girl was like, let's look at the candy row! (She was too blonde to be Piper.) I was feeling jetlagged in the dream (maybe it was that general dream confusion) and I left my purse in the shopping cart as we went to look at a huge wall of candy. Then, Sarah approached me angrily, carrying my open purse, and asked why I had candy stuffed in there. I tried to explain that I didn't even like the candy that was in there and I had left my purse unattended, but she scolded me! I woke up before I could finish explaining that someone had framed me. I felt so bad b/c these little kids (I think Piper was there, but these local kids kept showing up randomly to see what was up with Sarah) looked at me like I was horrible, and I KNOW one of them set me up!!!

Silly dream.



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