Monday, September 01, 2008

Silly Arguments

Remember, back in the primary days, when some Republicans/conservatives, like those who supported Romney, said McCain was weak on the economy? You know why they said that? Because McCain's been known to support Democrats on economy related things.

Now, I've heard a couple of my office dems refer to McCain's lack of economic understanding. It's like they're taking over an argument they heard people use to criticize McCain - but I think they may have gotten used to hearing it from Republicans who find McCain too liberal on economics! It's silly how talking points travel, isn't it?

Moving along to Palin, who so far seems like a reasonable human being (yes, she supports the idea of bringing up creationism in school alongside evolution, but has also stated she won't push for it - if this is true, that would make her a reasonable person in that she doesn't push her religious beliefs on others. In other words, she can hold beliefs without feeling it necessary that everyone around her agrees with her).

So, we're hearing, on TV and IRL, about Palin's lack of experience. It's interesting how people in my office like to say this right after they've announced they know nothing about her. It's even more interesting how it's been asserted that Republicans can no longer criticize Obama for his limited experience because of Palin's limited experience. This claim has been made many times already. But is it true? Or does it mean neither side can bring up the inexperience issue? Nope:

Bob: Oy, Palin has like no experience.
Sam: Yeah, experience is really important to me.
Bob: And McCain's old. What if he dies and Palin becomes president?
Sam: Wow, you're right. I don't know if she's ready for that. I don't think I should take a chance on her becoming president. I guess I'd better vote for O- oh, wait.

So, if experience is your main concern, you can either vote for a guy with little experience for president, or a guy with a lot of experience who has a running mate with little experience who could possibly become president at some point... after being VP... and gaining experience. Take your pick.



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