Thursday, September 11, 2008

Life, liberty and such, but not baggy pants

Um. WTF?

I believe that, to an extent, Americans have the right to look stupid. We don't have the right to walk into a Subway naked and order a sandwich, but we should be able to display our cute plaid boxers. Even if doing so makes us look like tasteless morons and makes people like me want to scream, "What the FUCK is wrong with those people?"

Similarly, Americans have the right to burn our flag. It is idiotic to burn the symbol of the ideals and laws that allow us to peacefully protest, but we do and should continue to have the right to do it.

Why? Because, when people let 8 inches of their boxers stick out of their ill-fitting pants or burn the stars and stripes, it sends a clear message that these people are morons, which helps the rest of us avoid them. Why outlaw something that provides such a convenient service to a majority of Americans?


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