Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blaaah, politics

It's aggravating how little people know about the candidates they don't support.

This is aggravating because it allows them to believe stupid rumors without checking other sources.

Kind of like that "OMG, Obama is a Muslim!" email that went around a few months ago. Honestly, I didn't look much into that because it sounded so stupid, but in perusing various websites of various points of view, I've read that he does/did have one Muslim grandmother and lived in Indonesia as a child. Well, gosh, he must be a terrorist. No.

There have been a LOT of crazy rumors about Palin, such as the "Trig is really Bristol's baby!" rumor, which is clearly disproved by photo evidence. Silly people grasping at straws.

Then there's the librarian controversy. Anti-Palinites will say "She wanted to ban books!" Pro-Paliners will say, "She just talked to the librarian about what books and mags kids should be able to access!" Anti-Palinites say, "She fired the librarian for disagreeing with her!" Pro-Paliners will say, "No, she didn't She asked the librarian to resign bc they had some ideological dispute and the librarian openly supported her political rival, which has been reason enough for presidents to toss out people appointed by previous administrations. But she actually didn't end up firing her." That could still sound bad, depending on how you interpret it, but it's definitely a lot better and more accurate than the soundbytes!

I tend to be wary of those who seem really conservative, but it doesn't seem like Sarah's a wacko, and I'm finding myself thinking the attacks are exagerrated manifestations of the left's fear of far-right conservatives. And these "controversies" sound so much like small town bullshit. They're all worth looking into - we should know what she's been up to and where she stands - but we shouldn't freak out and assume too much, like, "OMG, she'll ban Harry Potter!" or something silly like that.

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