Sunday, September 28, 2008

blogs are for gloating, right?

I went to a craft store today to help my mom pick out a frame for a print (it's of a painting of pretty off-reddish dishes and yellow/greenish background ish). The frame she had selected was waaaay too purply, so I helped pick out a better one. The lady who worked there said, "How are old are you now?"

Me: [stupidly] Uh, how old am I?
Lady: Yes, you. How old are you?
Me: 24.
Lady: Can I give you an application? You have a good eye. Come work here with me.
Me: Um, do you have benefits? A full time position?
Lady: No, we don't have any full time positions. You can start part time!
Me: Sorry, I need full time.
Lady: You would be good at it! You have a good eye!

So, apparently I have a good eye.

I also miss doing artsy-craftsy things. But I need a full time job. This current part time business is only temporary. Yeeees.

Time to work on short stories for grad school apps! I feel like I don't have a chance at getting in. Damn small programs. Anyway! That's no excuse not to work at it. Here I go!



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