Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back in the "burbs"

I work in a new city now, but it's small and surrounded by suburbs, like the one I live in. I don't have to sit on my butt all day and I get to do things my hands other than type (assemble folder things) and the streets aren't crowded and it doesn't STINK! And I can get home by 5:30. And I don't have to get up before 8 if I really don't want to, because I can still make it to work on time (barely, but hey).

I feel like even though I'm back to part time at a job I left, I'm moving forward. I don't feel STUCK anymore! This guy I worked with in the city who lives near me and quit a month before I did called the office today and we compared notes.

Zach: I'm like such a happier person now!
Me: OMG, I know, me too!

And then we chuckled. And were a little giddy. Because we really are a LOT happier.

I'm also teaching a class in the evenings. I have to drive on a highway to this little backroad forever to another highway, and then do a crazy U turn thing and follow a sign that doesn't have the street name's correct spelling on it... And then teach like 5 kids who are cool but usually mostly asleep.

But it's good that I'm driving all over. Now my mum doesn't freak if I want to drive up to visit Jamie chan! And Mom just had her operation (which went SO WELL) so I'm running more errands and generally being OUT IN THE WORLD, as opposed to sitting on a train or walking around stuck behind slow people who are perfectly capable of moving their asses!!!

Sigh. I am more relaxed now.

Anyway, work now.



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