Thursday, October 30, 2008

Once again, Republican does not equal evil.

A friend posted some random blog to his Facebook notes in which the writer claims there is something wrong with Americans because many of us support private sector healthcare (like, companies, OMG! T3h 3vi1z0r!!!). His thesis was basically that people who do not support government controlled univsersal healthcare (generally Republicans) are uncaring/mean/mentally deficient/the devil, etc. I assume he thinks this because the idea of "universal" healthcare, healthcare run by a government that covers all citizens/people within that country's borders, does sound better/nicer than a system in which not all people are guaranteed coverage. In other words, if it sounds nice, it must be best!

This, of course, proves he is an idiot. Or at least uninformed.

The idea put forth by proponents of private healthcare can be broken down like so:

1) KEEP Medicare/Medicaid to help the needy.
2) Work to reduce the number of people who need Medicare/Medicaid via some kind of tax break or credit system, something that will make it easier for individuals/families to purchase healthcare outside on their own, instead of relying on their employer.

The "something" mentioned above varies depending on who you ask.

The effects of a sound plan based on the above ideas would be:

1) It would not be necessary to tax people exorbinantly to pay for government run healthcare for everyone.
2) In keeping with the principles of capitalism (competition), people could choose the health plan that's best for them, instead of their representatives deciding for them.

So, less taxation, more choice. And guaranteed coverage for the disadvantaged. Damn, there MUST be something wrong with me for liking this.

In short, the universal health care concept comes from the erroneous idea that government's responsibility is to "take care" of us. It is not. Sorry. Government's job is to ensure that we don't get killed by invading armies (military's role) or random scary people (police's role) or infringe on each other's rights. I absolutely support helping the poor and sick and old and injured, but it is preferable to allow those who can take care of themselves, or could with a little assistance when they go through rough times, to do so.



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