Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I have NOTHING to talk about. So naturally, I'm posting.

More from Limbo.

Today, I ran errands and applied for a job, and now I'm reliving my childhood by listening to the Rockapella Coca-Cola commercial. We used to sing that on the playground. I don't know why. Yes I do - Rockapella songs are catchy! I'm realizing how much I need to sing everyday. I can't blame my current quality entirely on congestion, even though I'd like to. Lovely detail, ne?

So, now I must decide which writing samples to send to the nice newspaper man I talked to on the phone yesterday. All of a sudden, my articles for the college paper look... bad. I don't know how I missed those split infinitives, and so much of it is inclusive writing... which is fine if your audience knows exactly what you're talking about, but these random news people won't! They'll be like, um... what? But maybe that won't matter. I can always rewrite them before I send them, right? Right.

But instead of doing that I'm going to sing along to Martha and the Vandellas - Dancing in the Street.

I hope that the Christy movie I rented will arrive tomorrow. I'll probably have time to watch it since that curly haired boy postponed our date. This is what happens when you like men with good work ethics - they work! Rawr. So I want to watch Christy the schoolteacher and that curly haired Scottish doctor pretend they don't notice the sexual tension between them, and be a girl and sigh. And then move to Scotland. Ooooh yes.