Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Catching Up Quickly

If anyone were to follow my blog, after not hearing from me for a while I assume they would think that either I got the job and was therefore busy, or I didn't get it and was therefore busy. Choice two would be correct.

So I'm still doing the cafe thing.

But now I'm gonna be on TV, so there. Yes, as an extra. W00t.

Yesterday, my friend Tony was trying to help me find a job. He brought me the classifieds and said I should circle anything I was qualified for. Clerical, clerical, receptionist... circle, circle, circle (nothing in editorial, boo)... And then I saw the ad for actors. I wondered, who puts an ad in the paper for actors? Who's that desperate?

My new agency is, apparently, in need of twenty-somethings. Apparently, so many of them are in college or working and busy. Well, not me, lately. Working yes; getting a lot of hours? Not the past couple weeks. Which is fine with me. If I spend too much time at the cafe I'm either going to begin resenting people or sandwiches, possibly both, and I don't want that to happen.

Long story short, I handed over some money (bad idea? maybe?) for headshots and related things that cost money and will eat up my first few paychecks, and then Friday, it begins - my first television performing experience!

I wonder what kind of learning experience this will be. Ideally not one of those "well, I'm out a hundred bucks but I've learned a very valuable lesson" unless there's a theme song and credits rolling after it. Because that would mean I had a line and they paid me more and I got to do something other than bystand.

We'll see how this goes.

Also, job interview next week for teaching-type job. Excited!