Saturday, January 31, 2009

What, for realz?

"...a woman is best advised not to sleep with a man on a first date."

No fucking way! Are you shitting me? REALLY? OMG, I NEVER would have thought that. Damn. Thank GOD for NEW STUDIES!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Grad School Apps

Still working on them, but nearly done.

Deadline for the last school is Feb 1.

Meanwhile, I am barely working (yay, having my hours cut because someone who's been there longer got hired full time)!

Also working on another project to make money (training to become a tutor at my company).

Very not exciting. I should be excited. But I have to make food for office poker night and show up and be all like, I'm not pissed that I'm undervalued, nooo, not me.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

THIS is why I am ambivalent about dating

Because 1) Edward isn't real, and 2) even though Robert says nice things like "I guess old-fashionedness now just equates with people being considerate. It's weird that it's considered an old-fashioned virtue," he's too young for me. (Not really, but I tell myself that.)

I'm going to be 25 relatively soon and the boys I meet, are just that - boys. Slobby, impatient, unconfident (or over-confident for stupid reasons), uncomfortable in nice clothes (or some kind of metro/trying too hard)... most seem to lack common sense. A lot of them, surprisingly, are pretty freakin' emo. And all of them expect sex. Except for the Mormons.

I'm sorry, but do you honestly think I'm going to all of a sudden decide that neither my future nor my self respect are all that important and have sex with a slimy undercooked chicken like you? No!


That's how most of them look to me - undercooked. Even (especially) Pattinson. Ugh, man, stop whining and get a GF, or some other motivation to cut your damn hair.

It's really sad, but I've noticed that I tend to find the older men in movies or on tv the most appealing - the ones I would never smooch IRL, bc, ew, they're old and I'm like a 12 year old hiding inside a "grownup." (But not hiding all that well, as my manager pointed out when I went out of my way to step in snow on the sidewalk and he laughed at me... but that was okay, because he hit me with a snowball and then promised not to fire me for getting him back. And I got him good. Looked like he had dandruff!) Case in point, my other other guilty pleasure, after Twilight and WoW, is NCIS... actually, it's USA's weekday 3 hour NCIS marathon... I really need more hours at work. Anyway. I think Gibbs and Duckie are the most appealing males on that show. I am totally not into either of them because of the age difference; however, while I find Tony and McGee cute, I woldn't smooch them either, because Tony is a jerkwad and McGee is just now growing a spine. (McGeek does have potential, though! Ahh, my dreams of playing WoW with my hubby...) Right, so, there's my problem(s?).

I've been told that what I want doesn't exist. I've also been assured that it does. Either way, I have little patience for crappy in-the-meantime options.

Really, the only thing to do is just get into school, be really busy, go on some adventures (Japan! Or like, somewhere else!), and eventually meet Mr. Actually All Right. And agree on basic values and beliefs (so maybe our kids will not be super confused and I won't end up single again and ranting about it on my blog). And then get married and NEVER HAVE TO DATE OR NOT-DATE AGAIN!!! And get old but not "old" together and do boring things, like playing checkers at Cracker Barrel, and non-boring things, like hiking in, I dunno, Indonesia when it's not being bombed or whatever by terrorists.

Now sleep.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inaugural speech question

So, when Obama mentioned the lines of communication that "bind us," did anyone else think of the Borg?

Man, I wish I had been watching that speech not surrounded by lots of Obama supporters.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If it's rap, I kind of understand

TheTaliban needs to get some lives and rent The Lion King. Maybe then they'd understand that their lack of exposure to animated animals is why they're so pissed at everyone. Actually, that's not the reason. Case in point, the Mujahedeen ( - See "Abu Hassan").

I'd like to see the Tom and Jerry watching Mujahedeen debate the Taliban on this issue:

Taliban: It's a "source of mental agony for pious people"!

Mooj: Look douche, I'm goin' on a suicide mission tomorrow and I'm honestly not sure all those virgins will compensate for never knowing whether or not Tom gets that mouse!


Damn White People

Thanks, man. That wasn't rude or condescending at ALL.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I could have sworn you had lips, too...

Thank you, It's all starting to make sense now. Unfortunately.

Also see:

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