Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I really thought I would use this blog to document me adjusting to an office environment and to tell funny stories about my quirky coworkers.

But you can see that on TV, right?

I don't watch officey shows, so I don't know if there was anyone like my former manager, who disappeared a couple weeks ago for a family emergency and never came back, and who liked to pelt female workers with stress balls and refered to himself as the devil while dancing jigs. He also enjoyed showing off cute pictures of his fiancee and their cute wedding announcements. Furthermore, he had no hair. I don't know if that's relevant or not.

Anyway, he's gone. And so am I! From that job, anyway.

I currently have a full time position for the same company in the Big City (ooooh) in customer service.

If this job doesn't give me material to write about I don't know what will.

The best part so far is that my phone is currently broken so I can't make or receive calls. I feel kind of bad b/c I was supposed to call a student right back (I am so far from burned out, I will probably not go crazy in this job, at least not for a while), but I can't help it. I told my manager in the meantime I would try to do something to keep busy, like dance badly.

Always in a nice shirt manager: *joins me in stupid dance and sings "Do a little dance, make a little, haha, nevermind"*

Now to measure my cubicle for nicer fabric.