Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin

I wondered about her, but I thought, naaah, they'll never go for her.

Well, they did!

And now the dems in my office are buzzing with talking points, such as:

"They think they can get Hillary supporters! That won't work!"
"He's trying to get chick points!"

Those may be true. I really wanted to tell this guy who said,

"It's better to be controversial than obscure"

to save me the trouble and punch himself in the face.

I guess shiny but skeevy is more his style. Ha, actually, knowing him, it is. :)


So far, they seem interested in talking about how they "don't know anything about her" except that she "tried to get her brother-in-law fired" (did she? can't prove it and it's quite possible that she didn't) and "has a special needs child" (which doesn't mean anything unless her critics try to tell her she ought to stay at home with him and the baby - someone will pull that at some point).

So far she seems okay, even pretty good on some issues. I have to say I like the idea of a woman who can kill her dinner. :) That doesn't really mean much, of course. But, if she really is a sincere reformer (and makes sure her kids are adequately parented, which dads can do), I'll be thrilled and happy to support her.

So, Sarah - show us what you're made of!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

more on music

My recent reminiscing led me all the way back to 1997 and... that's right... to Hanson.

It's no surprise I loved their music - their musical influences are ones I love (ever listen to some of the basslines on Middle of Nowhere? Funk and blues influenced. Yup.).

And as it turns out, even though I've been... um, whiny/angry quite a bit lately, I STILL love Mmmbop. Damn, that's a good pop song. Minute Without You is, of course, still my favorite old Hanson song. I can't help it... I'm just not super into tenors. Isaac needs more hugs, if only for being the only one who sounded like a man from the start. I also like that he doesn't breathe like he's in pain. Dammit, Taylor, you're not dying! Breathe normally. Weirdo.

Now, thanks to the fantasticness of Youtube, I'm listening to their latest album, The Walk. I'm like, oh, that reminds me of Chicago, and that's like something from the 60s and that's, well, that's just them, and waaaaaaai, I heart this!!! It really is good. And oh, that's Zac singing? Well, he's awesome, too (I'm listening to "Go").

Being my old school self, I am running out to buy this CD ASAP.


More proof I am an old fogey already

I love Youtube. I can find any old song I can remember from my childhood! I'm listening to - GASP- the SPICE GIRLS at the moment. Yes, the Spice Girls were very silly. But they have some good tunes, especially "Stop" - it's so Motown! And I'm enjoying "Who Do You Think You Are" bc it's got this 70s funk/disco thing going on, and sometimes that's okay.

I was listening to some Rihanna song the other day, and I thought, this is new, but I like it! Wow, maybe I can like new music! ...Until I found out it's a cover of an 80s song. I already knew I heart the 80s. Oy.

Ariah = old fogey.

Oh, and I still love the Spice Girls' "Say You'll Be There" and it's weird, vinyl-y, futuristic supergirl vid. And the random harmonica!!!

Now, I know it sounds like I have no taste in music. BUT - the Spice Girls' music drew from a lot of good old stuff - it was kind of like updated oldies. And I don't think anyone can argue that the 60s and 70s didn't produce some of best music, oh, say, ever. And the SG's tunes don't compare, but they reference it, and are therefore enjoyable.

Not like the whiny noisy crap on the radio today.

Wait 'til I'm 60 - I'll be Ms. Crankshaft! Don't tell me your radio station plays hip hop and R&B! You don't know what R&B is! Damn young hooligans, don't know anything about music!!! No more mailbox for you!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Teachers with Guns!

I've had some crazy teachers so, even though they have to take crisis training, this might not be a great idea.

Why not just put cops in the schools?


Friday, August 15, 2008


I hate racism. My silly previous post got me thinking. I mean, I like to make cultural jokes. I'll make these random generalizations, like, "Damn, the Japanese are fucking crazy." And I love Japan and would never look at a person like, "Oh, you're Japanese, so clearly you personally sexualize innocence like your teen mags do and watch tentacle pr0n." Because that would be an illogical assumption.

Also, I say things about my culture that should be made fun of, like how I can't hear someone sing "The stars at night are big and bright!" without responding with *clapclapclapclap* "Deep in the heart of Texas!" I was brainwashed to respond this way. It hurts to resist. I kind of should be laughed at (mildly) for that.

But actual racism, the kind that influences a guy I like to say some bullshit like, "Why do you like me? I'm a greasy spic," makes me very very angry. (I hit him with a throw pillow for that and told him never ever to talk about himself that way. And he took it. That made me more mad. Don't take shit from people, even me! Well, he has low self-esteem. But I think it's partly due to racism and, of course, classism. Meh.)

It's so weird how in New Jersey, people say crap about Mexicans. I mean... so they're newer than say, Italians, who are more established here. It's that stupid "let's be ridiculous about the immigrants!" mindset.

And then people up here talk about how racist Southerners supposedly are. Some of them are. But 1) white supremacists are not centrally located in the South, according to ppl who research these groups - there are a lot in IDAHO, apparently; and, 2) plenty of these north-eastern Yankees are f'ing racist.

It makes me sad.


Farmer Ariah

I hate sitting in a box. I want to be tending tomato plants. I want to grow big fat green beans (half runners) and cook them in a pressure cooker (purchased from a WAL*MART Superstore!) with bacon.

I should have been a farmer. Who knew?

I want to live in a farm house surrounded by FIELDS with my hound dog and I guess a nice farmer husband (at some point). (This house will be no more than 20 minutes from the nearest WAL*MART Superstore and no more than 40 from the mall, however. I am not really a country girl. I just like the country.)

I'll pair dresses and cowboy hats (but not dresses and boots!). And I'll have some kind of financial partner who can like, understand all that stuff and make sure we don't run out of money while I plant things and drive a tractor and manage the hired Mexicans, with whom I'll have a great relationship and who will bring me HOME MADE TORTILLAS OMG (*faints*) on my birthday. And they'll teach me Spanish. And I'll send their kids to college. It'll rock.

I am on some kind of work-induced trip today, eh?

(I'm basing this pipe dream on visiting my relatives in Virginia. Only they live in the middle of Mount West Guam and employ Hondurans. But it'll basically be the same, only in Texas).

So, I hope that hiring Mexicans part didn't sound racist. I was just trying to highlight that this really is a silly stereotype-dream thing... (see, when I make these generalizations, I'm not really being serious, okay? I use them as devices to reveal my intentions/frame of mind, like, LOOK, I'm being RETARDED here, or some such thing) ...that and I really want the tortillas. OH MAN, real tortillas... lasldfuasdlfjlasdjflasjdflds *DIES*


Personal Statement Planning!

Why do I want to go to grad school?

1) I hate my job.
2) I miss using my brain.
3) I want to devote a significant amount of my time to writing.
4) I want to GTFO of this part of the country. 11 years is just way too long. And I'm old enough that I really shouldn't be living with my parents anymore. Noooooo.
5) I miss workshopping!
6) I want to sit around and discuss ways to present ideas in writing. Dork!
7) I want to EDIT more!
8) I want to (FINALLY) write a story longer than a few pages from beginning to end.
9) I want to learn how to plan a novel... and then apply that plan to my "novel," which needs some refocusing and um, about ten rewrites.
10) I fucking hate commuting.
11) Having a BA in English doesn't qualify me to do SHIT except, perhaps, writing essays and mediocre literary criticism. (I can haz certification in SOMETHING useful that pays, PLZ???)
12) Okay, having an MA or MFA in creative writing will land me in the same puddle. I don't care. Having an MA or MFA in something is better than nothing. And I can't stand the thought of studying something I don't love. Silly romantic that I am.
13) Maybe I can take an editing course! I could put that on my resume!!! And be absurdly proud of it!
14) I think I'll be less angry if I'm more fulfilled.
15) Oh man, having time to write ANYTHING.
16) I have to prove that I'm worth something to humanity so when the rat-bots take over, I won't get dead. (Google Gordon rat brain robot. You'll see.)

Now, I just need to rework this into something like a personal statement. ^__^


Friday, August 08, 2008

a comic without pictures (in reference to this article)

If I had time, I would draw a comic. But I don't. So, let's conceptualize! Imagine two stick figures in little sticky chairs. One represents Obama. One represents some generic interviwer.

The conversation is as follows:

Obama: We don't give our kids presents. We want to teach them limits.
Interviewer: So, nothing at Christmas?
Obama: Oh, Santa takes care of that. *chuckles*
Interviewer: Santa? .....Right, but, uh, who buys the presents?
Obama: They're from Santa.
Interviewer: But Mr. Obama, there is no-
Obama: What are you trying to do, destroy the dream???


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Honestly, I didn't even read most of this article before posting

Hokay. So.

Old reusable tree from basement/attic/garage/Salvation Army + popcorn + cranberries + one needle (per person) + some string + scissors = DECORATEDZ0R!!!!!

Fuck you, rising prices.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fastball again

Oh yeah, and that.



Remember these guys? They should be much much more famous.


Monday, August 04, 2008

I hate screaming fangirls

I know it's hot when boys play instruments and sing in harmony, but please just SHUT UP and listen.