Friday, April 20, 2007

Hokay. So. Ze end of ze vorld.

That stupid and hilarious flash animation is in my head again.

This time I have been too busy to update. So, what's new?

Quit the cafe a couple weeks ago. ^_________^ It was getting to be a downer because there was no way to progress or learn anything new (Oh wait, I learned how to make the new salad! YAY. But it smells bad.) I shouldn't really complain because some people don't have other options, but I can do more and I want to do more. Doing such repetetive things for 5 months in a place where customers are generally hungry (read: cranky) and may yell at me for things over which I have no control, such as someone else inputting the wrong meal or forgetting to order olives, was getting to me.

Oh, that and my bf breaking up with me because he "has issues" and deciding being nice to me was too hard and being surly was just barely manageable. Did I mention we worked together?

It was time to move on.

Current status: Office worker!

Steep learning curve. I realized I have way too much experience in food service and not quite enough in office work. Answering questions (there's a customer service aspect about this job) about everything has been challenging, since they kinda just tossed me to a desk and told me to go for it. I'm getting the hang of things, but I rock the most at working our makeshift snack bar. *rolls eyes* Of course.

I work with very nice people and there is a wide variety of things to learn to do, so I'm enjoying it. I have this aggravating apprehension about failing miserably, accidently screwing everything up and making people mad at me. This is dumb. I guess I worry more because I want to stick with this company for a while (PLEASE make me full time, PLEASE). I always try to go above and beyond but it's hard when I have no clue what I'm doing.

I'm getting some more training soon, which should help.

I'm also in the running for a full time job. We'll see what happens. I'll just try not to sabotage myself by being a worrywart.


I mean, er, Watashi wa Nihon ni ikimasu yo! Gotta study.

And I forgot to watch a show I was on and now it's been cancelled. Mrawr. I think the back of my right shoulder may be famous.

Being an extra is a pain in the butt; it would be okay if I knew WHERE THE SET WAS LOCATED BEFORE I HAD TO COMMIT TO THE JOB! Also, knowing before 9:30 PM would be great.

It's also fun. You meet all kinds of characters on set. I happened to be sitting next to the director (I didn't know who he was, he was in regular clothes, lounging on a restaurant booth). I asked him what he did, and he said, "Oh, me? Nothing." We made conversation for about a minute until people started asking him for directions and I figured out that he was joking and I may have looked dumb. Oh well, he was nice.
Then there was Preacher. If you're an extra in NYC long enough you'll probably notice this guy. He makes it hard not to. He's actually a preacher. And a bouncer. And he changed into his police uniform in the middle of the holding area and checked to see which of the women were checking him out. I was not, although I noticed that, thank goodness, he was wearing long johns.
Then there was the nice girl from Kansas, the friendly guy who looked almost just like my cousin but isn't remotely the same race, and my mom... yes, my mom accompanied me because the drive was crazy. By the end of the day she was widely known by the college kids as "Mom."

So, acting is fun, watching how TV shows are filmed is fascinating, but working other jobs and not having my own car makes scheduling it nearly impossible.

Someday when I'm being a whimsical creative type person (living off my future husband who has a nice steady job) maybe I'll take acting seriously, if I find it's something I really want to do. Childhood dreams die hard. And I heart acting, and storytelling in general.

Which brings me to that novel I have to finish editing.

And of course I'm not going to mooch off my husband. That much. Just like for food and one reasonably priced shiny thing every few years. Until we have kids. Then it's Moochville, where I make sure the kids don't get abducted and volunteer at their schools (thereby discovering who the wacko teachers/counselors are and helping my kids avoid them) and try to produce a novel or something literary once in a while.


So, in theory I want to be self-sufficient. Just temporarily. *wrinkles eyebrows* Is that right? Well, maybe; but something tells me that temporarily will be a LONG time. And it's def gonna rock, especially when I can afford a CAR. Yay, cars.

The end.

PS: I HAVE A PUPPY! He is large.